5 Must-Have Apps while living in Zurich

Zurich offers its residents a unique living space. You can mingle freely with the crowds and enjoy the city vibe or keep your distance from complexness and visit scenic beauties without having to go too far. To get best student life experience out of the city, many expats need a guide to living in Zurich and mobile apps are offering essential solutions for different matters. Let`s have a look five must-have apps when living in Zurich for expat community.


In a big city like Zurich, public transportation is crucial for everyday life. ZVV - Zürcher Verkehrsverbund – translated into english as Zürich Transport Network. The app combines all the Zürich city offers as public transportation, rail, bus, tram, trolleybus, lake boat, cable car and other services in the Swiss canton of Zürich and integrates them into a single fare network with coordinated timetables. ZVV have a vital role for any expat in order to guide them while living in Zürich.


Student life can be unpredictable -which is exciting- but we can not say the same when you bump into an unexpected weather change! Everyone who lives in Switzerland has witnessed that the weather can change completely in hours or even minutes. All kind of mobile devices has an default meteorology app but none of them as accurate as MeteoSwiss app especially for Switzerland. As an expat who living in Zurich, this app can guide you for sudden change of air.

Too Good to Go

Surely we've all made a few comments about how expensive it is to living in Zurich every now and then in a conversation. How could it not be done? Zurich has been voted the most expensive city in Europe on several occasions. However, student life is known for budget-friendly choices. It is possible to do this in Zurich as well if you follow the right steps as a guide. Food prices in restaurants have also their share of Zurich standards.

Too Good To Go is an app that connects restaurants and hungry customers. Restaurants and bakeries produce a lot of food every day. Some of it is thrown out. Too Good To Go is a platform that helps restaurants and cafes sell the food that is…. too good to go. All the food is discounted on the app and it helps the restaurants to sell their food. Plus, you will contribute to a better way of


Uncommon in many other countries, markets in Switzerland close at different times in different places, even on different days, and at times when the majority might say early! Many immigrants may be surprised by this situation. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, you don't want to be late to meet your needs when you come back from work or school. Many Swiss people can know these opening and closing times by heart, and for expats in Zurich, the Poschte app will guide you while living in Zurich. Thanks to this app, you can find out the closing times of markets and grocery stores close to you with a single click, and find more open places on the map - which is very much needed in student life


The waste management in Switzerland is one of the finest and most efficient in the world. As an expat in Zurich, it is expected from you to recycle your aluminium and tin cans, old batteries, light bulbs, glass, paper, PET bottles, textiles, electrical and electronic equipment, and other. As well as separating these wastes, it is also important where to get the bin bags, where to throw them, and different wastes are discarded and collected on different days and hours. And of course, this information varies according to the region you live in. For an expat student who is unfamiliar with this system, all this may seem a bit complicated and tiring at the first glance. At this point, the Sauberes App, specially developed for the city of Zurich, will guide you. Thanks to this very easy-to-use application, you can recycle without spending much time and effort. Moreover, you can save your environment from the pollution caused by waste, and you can save yourself the burden of thinking about the details.

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